Beginning of the company

Fernando Coll Soms is the founder and president of Frigicoll S.A., a company that is 100% Spanish owned. Since its beginnings Frigicoll has promoted the search for advanced technology and innovative products, in order to offer its customers a better quality of life. 

From Fernando Coll Soms to Frigicoll, S.A.

In 1967 Fernando Coll Soms, S.A. was founded with specific targets and a broad knowledge of market needs. Product diversification, the manufacturing in Spain of refrigeration equipment and the purchase of a plot of land in Sant Just Desvern, in order to create the new business headquarters, were the foundations for creating, in 1975, Frigicoll, S.A. 

National and international expansion


During the 80s and 90s Frigicoll S.A. became the sole representative in Spain for major international brands: Liebherr, Scholtès, Amana, Kaysun, Alphatech, Ambach, Arneg, Cof, Comenda, Dorin, Faema, FPlus, Frigomat, Granuldisk, Grimac, Hengel, Hiber, Icematic, Lainox, Moretti Forni, Techno Block, Thermo King, MBB Palfinger, etc.

Furthermore, Frigicoll is a founder member of:

- Reftrans, S.A. (Termo King).
- Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Europa, S.A.
- Frigicoll Murica, S.A.
- Maera Frigicoll, S.A.
- Compañía de inversiones Frigicoll, S.A.
- Frigicoll Norte, S.A.

And became the majority shareholder of:

- Frigicoll Canarias, S.A.
- Frigicoll Portugal, S.A.


Consolidation and optimization


Today, Frigicoll still preserve their values of quality, innovation and service that recognize us in national market. We are working toward establish ourselves in the international marketplace as a leader service, because of that we are working in the following areas: 

- Optimization of customer service quality.
- Improvement of our headquarters.
- Investment in new technology in order to improve management and have first-hand information regarding the market and consumers.
- Consolidation and expansion of the Frigicoll group.